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The United Nations has set 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) to ensure human sustainability. SDGs aims to restore human dignity in each field of social development, economic growth, and environmental preservation, build an economic environment capable of sustaining an appropriate level of livelihood, and respond to climate change and natural disasters. Most countries are working towards these common goals for humanity.

Meanwhile, in the process of responding to the recent global crisis, there is a growing demand for the expansion of the role of Official Development Assistance (ODA) due to concerns that the economic and social vulnerability of developing countries will intensify.

In order to effectively achieve international aid, research and development are required in various fields. The academic fields of this journal basically include the efforts necessary to realize the UN SDGs. In response to this, the society is divided into 12 specialized divisions as follows.

  • 1. Architecture, Infrastructure
  • 2. Education
  • 3. International Cooperation ODA
  • 4. Climate Change Response
  • 5. Agriculture
  • 6. Water
  • 7. ICT Smart
  • 8. Energy
  • 9. MedicalㆍHealth
  • 10. Manufacturing
  • 11. Regional Development
  • 12. Environment.

The journal introduces the following activities in the above 12 divisions widely and accumulates them as academic data.

  • 1. Development of new appropriate technology applied at home and abroad
  • 2. Policies and education to promote happiness in developing countries
  • 3. Case studies of realizing appropriate technologies and policies in developing countries
  • 4. Research in which the academic areas listed above are converged

In addition, there are three types of submissions:

  • 1. Research Paper: Facts and conclusions of academic value as original research results
  • 2. Research Letter: Experience gained in appropriate technical practice or simple research
  • 3. News and PR: Introduction of activities of organizations or individuals related to appropriate technology

In 2021, the Journal of Appropriate Technology will be transformed into an open access journal ( that opens to the world. We have an internationally standardized academic paper submission system and protect copyrights. (However, you may send it directly to the secretariat or the editor-in-chief of the Society ( In addition, the best paper award is awarded to the best paper during the year.

We ask for your participation so that the journal can be a place for smooth exchange and communication. Thank you.

All the editors of the Journal of Appropriate Technology

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